I can’t pay for your service because the payment fails

We use Braintree, AppStore, and Google Play. Braintree is a well-known and trusted payment gateway from PayPal. Sometimes transactions are rejected and we can’t do anything about it. The problem may be between your bank and Braintree. The most common reasons for declines are:

  • Incorrect credit card number or expiration date;
  • Insufficient funds;
  • The bank declined based on location;
  • The bank's fraud rules blocked the transaction
  • Issues with the browser

What should I do if I still cannot make a payment?

  1. Try to use another credit card.
  2. Use PayPal for payment. You don't need to create an account for that, you can use your credit card to pay with PayPal.
  3. If you have problems with the form, please use another browser.
  4. Please make sure all fields are filled in correctly.
  5. Try disabling various blockers in your browser, such as Adblocker.
  6. Please contact us in case you experience problems with payment.